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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This will be my last post. The world is a dirtied place. Beauty is just an illusion. Faces can't be hold beneath the surface or can they? That is my question. An animal man has created that is now controlling man. We're being exploited, no, they are being exploited. Innocence has been decapitated into pieces. People deafens spoken advice, and blinds light. I just want to rest in the arms of Poseidon, that's all.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something awesome i just saw...

Okay, today i went outside and watched the sunset, it was totally awesome. The sun disappeared in the clouds and the horizon. I want that horizon! XD Just kidding, see ya!

Monday, April 18, 2011

2rd term| La rentrée des classes Youpiee!

It's been an awesome day, it's 6:15 PM here and I'm hyperactive! YAY! lol Anyway, I didn't spike up my hair as i usually do everyday, i did combed my hair but when i went to school and met my friends, they told me that look emo with my hair covering my eyes, nose, ears and my neck! First we had DT class where our teacher told us about this term and how it is going to be crucial and vital for us. Then Art, our teacher advised us to work harder this time and if any improvement that needs to be done, should done in this term itself. Then Add Maths, our teacher was absent so we wandered in school compound. Oh and i finally got we Bus Pass renewed which means we can travel anywhere for free! Lol And, then we had Maths our teacher was absent we went in a class and we fell asleep. Some were sleeping to music and huh...some laid their heads on the table and slept (this includes me). We look like babies lol Our teacher told us that lol. Nobody made any noises because they don't want to disturb the others. And then Activity period where we all took some beautiful plants and dug a hole in the ground and plant and watered them all. Then, recess time and after that we had English Class, we met our teacher, She gave us all some reading passages sheet to read aloud. Everybody have different accents, everybody scored around 5-7 over 8. When some were reading, the others made all kind of noises to distract them. Ha! That made us laugh. Some messed up the "Shh" and "S" sound. Shoo much Shoo....haha. Everything was cool with my reading but only one thing is that when i read, i read reluctantly. And there is one friend who speaks relatively fast! He did some rap while reading. xD Awesome day I've had with them! See ya later! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cute Worm

It's 9:00 PM, - Today, i watered the flowers and i cleared some dry leaves and when i touched the ground, a worm landed right on my hand. I like this creature. It's really really cute.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It was pretty cool today.

K, 1st period we had DT, we went in a class, i got a project work to do. Then 2nd Period, We had Art, i had to draw a cookery book cover, i had already designed the Cover at home but i didn't know what would be the main picture in the foreground, I'm still thinking about it... Then we had Add Maths, the 3rd and 4th period. A student from my class and i, we needed to get some documents photocopied. Our teacher told us, to watch our back because if the DR(Deputy Rector) saw us, we would be in trouble. So we climbed down the stairs, and we saw the DR right in front of us. He was talking to somebody, I presume he was talking to a teacher. We climbed up the stairs as fast as we could and ran to the other side, and we climbed down the stairs (there are like 20 staircases in my school) and he was coming towards us, we immediately ducked down behind some boxes, so that he can't see us. We crouched for like 5 minutes. And finally he went away, i guess he went to check for students in the canteen or on the playground. Then we sneaked behind him and went in the administration room, to get the documents photocopied. So much work, only to get some documents photocopied. I have to admit it, it was pretty awesome. We were like prisoners in our own school. ^O^ Then i ran up the stairs and got in my class. Then the bell rang, it was break time/eating time lol I ate my Briyani, i cooked at home. Then we had Math class, the 5th Period, I had to get some more documents photocopied, i kept running, from class to the administration room. Phew! xD Then, 6th Period, we had Computer Studies, there was only me and a friend. It was difficult to choose one from out of 80 computers in the computer lab. We chose one randomly and turn it on. My friend drew a football pitch, there was two team. Chelsea Vs Manchester. I took some pictures with my friend.

Then the bell rang again, we went out, i went in the school garden, and started listening to music.^^ Nature+Music=Wonderful! 

Then the bell rang again, 8th and 9th Period, awesome we had English class. A task; making a poster and brochure was assigned to us.It was pretty cool. I'm always active and hyper in that class. HYPER KID! I answered lots of question. Easy and Fun! Hey that's a nice motto. xD I never get bored! There are always new things that usually come across my mind. Fun things to do! Yup, k that's it for today! 
Stay Safe!^^

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Every time i post my blog, you will see some fish, swimming above, click on the water. Your cursor will set off some food in the water. Click and you just fed some fish. :)

Fun! I guess...

OK today, we had DT in the first two periods (1st and 2nd), Some guys were was not a real fight, but was just for fun..doing submission holds, lifting someone up lol, it was cool, and then we had Math (3rd Period), we didn't do anything, the teacher is lazy, (i keep typing laxy lol), some guy brought a DAM game, i don't know how  we say this in English, well it's a French game, it was pretty fun. One guy was on a losing streak and the other on a winning streak. lol Oh and i stayed in the class during break to watch them play. It's a bit boring because you must very patient. Then DC (4rd and 5rd), we stayed in the class, i played a few times, it was fun. Even though i didn't talk to them, they were teaching me how to play it. I was following their directions and everything went cool. I was winning. Yay for me! :) Then Add Maths(i don't why everybody hates this subject), well some didn't come in the class. And guess what the, DR (Deputy Rector) was roaming around, lurking everywhere, so if you're not in the class, you got to watch your back. After that we got activity period. We went in the music workshop(where music instruments are constructed but are rarely used). We took a couple of acoustic guitars. Some took some flutes, and a clarinet. Sick Music! X_X Then the bell rang and we had recreational break.(La Recré). I went to see new departments in the school compound. Everybody is friendly, and the school is pretty cool too. I love it! I didn't tell anybody about it because i don't like telling people what i really feel. I will call my parents later on to tell them, i really like this school and I'll stay here. I hope we'll come to an agreement. Oh and then we had French (7th and 8th). We had a French test, pretty cool. It was a translation test. (English To French) EASY!! yup! hehe! Then i came back home and i went to a stationary to buy some A3 Strata papers, for my DT and DC project. It was pretty cool, i hate it when, i'm in a crowded place(why?) Because i hate when people stop doing what they do and look at me. They stare at me. Even the girls stare at me. It's not that awesome. I'm only a spectre not an alien or whatsoever. Anyway it was cool blogging my day. See ya next time. Stay Safe! ^O^